Who We Are
Chubbs knows what a quality coat finish looks and feels like from his time in the show halls earning his Grand Premier title in CFA. He is very particular about his hair. After all, his name is GP Fanci Fx 2 Sexy of Bara – he definitely thinks he’s too sexy for his hair!
The Original Chubbs Bar got its name from a cat.  Chubbs, a blue mackerel tabby and white Persian owned by Danelle German, president of the National Cat Groomers Institute, quickly became our most valued R&D worker during the development of these degreasing shampoo bars. Chubbs patiently tested various liquid shampoo samples and then shampoos in bar form until we settled on an effective degreaser that was suitable for both felines and canines alike.

Chubbs finally put his stamp of approval on the shampoo bar when we created a formula that lathered nicely and left him squeaky clean, fluffy, soft, and without separation in his coat.

It’s about time, too! Cat groomers searching for that purrfect degreasing shampoo were quickly running out of options, for less-than-savory results, or giving up on their search altogether. We are so glad Chubbs gave of his time to help bring the Chubbs Bars into existence. We hope you like them!

Although Chubbs is a cat and Danelle is a cat groomer, Chubbs Bars were sent off for initial testing by a few dog groomers. All reported back that the Chubbs Bars were great on those greasy canine coats, problem ear areas, and other conditions.

Benefits of Chubbs Bars

Safe for cats and dogs over 12 weeks of age.
Easy to pack. Airline friendly.
All natural, mostly organic ingredients.
Safe for cats. No d’limonene, essential oils, sulfates, formaldehyde, or detergents.
Very little packaging. No bottles to dispose of.
No wasted shampoo down the drain as is common with shampoo in liquid form.
Vegan: contains no animal products or byproducts!
Space saving. No bottles to take up valuable space in the tub, salon, mobile unit, or house call set up.
Fun! It’s kinda fun to rub down a dog or cat with a shampoo bar!